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Rates are high, but you can still save money

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Australia has got some of the most expensive energy in the developed world, and it can cost up to 220% percent more than the energy that's available to Americans. It extremely important that consumers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and other states compare electricity rates from the plentiful energy companies in order to get a good deal.

Because Australians need to cool their homes in the hot summers and use central heating in the cooler regions during the winter, consumption rates are quite high and if a person isn't careful, electricity bills can be, quite simply, astronomical. But how can a typical customer keep their bills down to a reasonable level? As mentioned above, it all depends on the provider a client has signed up with, household electrical consumption, and household energy efficiency.

In Victoria, there are well over a dozen retail energy providers, and comparing them can be dizzying due to the different tariffs and special deals. While experts in the industry state that intense competition will hopefully be bringing prices down in the future across the board, for now, smart consumers will need to do compare electricity rates on their own to get the best prices.

Fortunately, there are many price comparison tools on the internet for all regions in Australia which can do most of the research for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions online and the website will present the search results in an easy-to-read format. Consumers must keep in mind though that even in one city the prices for electricity can vary widely; what your friend across town pays could be very different from what you pay, even if you are with the same company. This price variation can be due to factors such as network age, population density, maintenance, and even weather patterns.

Ways to save on energy bills

Selecting a company that offers good off-peak rates, feed-in tariffs and cheaper single rates is just one way to keep your bills from becoming too high. Because the rates in general are expensive in Australia, consumption needs to be reigned in and the good news is that this can be done easily, saving a customer hundreds of dollars per year.

Heating and cooling systems are the main things that make power bills expensive. Insulating your home will make a big difference; you won't need to use as much air-conditioning or central heating with a properly insulated residence. If you keep your home too warm in the winter, that will also make the energy bill skyrocket. Instead of turning the heat up to 23 degrees, keep it at around 19 to 20 degrees and wear warmer clothes indoors. This bit of old-timey advice could save you a small fortune. In the summer, your air conditioning should be kept at around 23 degrees and not much lower; furthermore, only use it when it's necessary.

When you compare electricity rates, Australia's got some of the highest in the world, making it crucial for you to select the right provider.