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We are an independent broker focusing on searching out possible energy savings for thousands of Australian families through better deals from our select panel of energy retailers and the offers available to us.

Aussie Bill Compare keeps informed with the changes in the electricity market providing information on competitive deals including incentives from our select panel of electricity retailers to Australian residents. With Aussie Bill Compare, we strive to make it easy to compare electricity and gas from our select panel of retailers and the offers available to us.

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If you want an easy way to slash your power bills, you've found it. I used this service four months ago and I'm finally seeing a reduction in my bill. There was no need to compare rates myself, or do any boring research.. this service took care of everything. Thanks a lot!

Martin Miller - Adelaide

Let us do the hard work for you!

No one wants to pay too much for anything especially items that you and your love ones need on a daily basis. From our select panel of energy retailers, Aussie Bill Compare can inform which of our electricity and gas retailer's is offering deals in your area and assist you with switching energy retailer if required.

Don't wait any longer because thanks to Aussie Bill Compare, it's an easy process.

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*Disclaimer: Aussie Bill Compare compares your rates with the rates of our partner retailers, with the view of providing you the best overall offer from:, AGL, Lumo, Origin Energy, Powerdirect, Energy Australia and Simply Energy “Up to 30%” listed is off electricity usage with one of our partner retailers off their default rates, for residents in VIC and is subject to terms & conditions. NSW, SA, QLD residents will have access to different discounts. Listed discounts & possible savings vary for consumers and businesses depending on distribution areas, residing state, electricity/ gas accounts, tariff type and are subject to change with no notice. Offers do change from time to time, so please speak with an energy representative to discuss what offers are available for you today. 1- Estimate is based on the difference between the standing offer and the cheapest offer in our database assuming average consumption over the term of the contract. 2- By submitting this request you give Aussie Bill Compare express consent to contact you. Your information is not shared with any third party enterprises.